Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Cultural & Architectural Value relating to Tourism.

Cultural & Architectural Value relating to Tourism.
When I ran for Ogden City Council a very important issue was whether or not we preserve Polk Elementary. I pushed back against losing our Architectural Heritage & although I didn't win my election I was able to make an impact. A Bond which included destroying Polk did not pass.
I fought for this building because Utah has wonderful Architectural & Cultural Heritage. Utah is growing & we are at risk of losing the flavor of our communities as we grow.
People from all over the world want to come to places like Utah for our healthy way of life, our reputation as a people with integrity, our history, our work ethic, our lifestyle, flavorful history & vibrant communities. Utah has always been seen as a haven or Oasis between pioneers traveling from East to West. We are a community that has flourished like a rose in the desert. People from Silicon Valley & the big cities on the East Coast are coming to the Wasatch Front because we are one of the best places to live on Earth. Tourists from far away lands want to come visit our Artsy Old Western Community that has splashes of many different people working together in one place.
As we grow I want to make sure we are preserving & promoting local Culture which goes hand in hand with Architecture. Let's preserve our beautiful older buildings as we grow. Let's make sure we have Green Space & walk able communities.
We are a community nestled in mountains with farmland that stretches to a desert. The City of Ogden has traditionally built low so when you are on the mountain you really only see beautiful Gothic Architecture nestled among trees. It's breathtaking & people come here so they can feel as though they're on a secluded mountain w/in reach of a rodeo & 20 minutes from Belly Dancers in a Greek Restaurant next to an Art studio. We need to build smart & Green so we don't lose our distinct way of life. We need to protect the environment including Light Pollution which hurts the quality of life of our youth & impacts our way of life.
I would like to explore building in the deserts on the Western region of our valley. I believe tourism can greatly feed our communities & I would work to bring investors who see the value of our unique way of life.
Let's not forget where we came from, let's preserve what we have & use our unique qualities to thrive.

Proud to be running for Utah State Legislature.

Mary Khalaf is a former Federal Officer, substitute teacher, wife, mom, business woman, cancer warrior & 2017 Americans for Prosperity's Activist of the Year.
Mary was a Democrat for most of her life but when she saw the Planned Parenthood Videos, which detailed shocking abuses in the abortion industry, Mary turned from the Democrat Party. Mary had been a patient of Planned Parenthood & almost had an abortion but was swayed by Pro-Life protesters arguments to seek an ultra-sound. Today Mary is the happy mother of a beautiful child who was almost lost to a system that supports abortion over mental health care & community support. 
She is now a staunch Pro-Life Candidate who would advocate for creating a Culture of Life for women in crisis pregnancies. To creating a supportive atmosphere & where the message is, “All Life has Value”. 
Alongside the idea that the community we build matters I would like to state my support for preservation of local Culture & Architecture as our region has an enriching community that the world could learn from. I would promote Cultural Activities that showcase the unique people that inhabit the Wasatch Front. 
Our Communities are growing. Large parts of our communities will be turned from single family homes to larger apartments. My very home is slated to someday be removed to make way for luxury apartments. I’m concerned about Gentrification, where/how we build, how the landscape will be effected, preservation of natural resources, historic buildings & local Culture. 
Utah is changing. People from all over the world are coming to Utah to build. We have a wonderful economy which was created by our Conservative Culture being at the Wheel of Authority. These changes are scary for some of the people who live here. They worry about Green Spaces on an encroaching population & quality of life. We need to build smart & keep in mind why people come to Utah. A healthy, green, walkable community lifestyle with a Cultural Enrichment that can rival any big city. 
With Gentrification comes skyrocketing property values which is designed to afford selling our land out from under us for the wealthy. Where will those on a lower economic scale go to live? Higher property value & taxes adversely effects minorities which are a bedrock of the region around Ogden. Where will they go? 
I’m aware also that the homeless are streaming into the car dealership areas of Ogden & causing damage. I would like to see our area work harder to help those in the homeless & prison community access to drug treatment &/or mental care. This segment of our population is as valuable as all others & when they suffer we all suffer. I support a pro-active approach to this problem. 
I am firmly opposed to taxes so I propose cutting superfluous or extravagances in the Government to free up tax payer dollars to be used more wisely. Tax Payer intent is sacred & we should be proper stewards of their money.
In my approach to cutting taxes I am going to think outside the box & I’m Pro-Union as they’re presence is one way to alleviate inequality w/out raising taxes.
I also support creating an environment where our undocumented population can gain some form of documentation. We need to allow good standing & productive members of society some path of proper standing. I fully support the Federal Government & ICE. I would never cut off cooperation with Federal Authorities to achieve these goals as we cannot punish law abiding residents w/ sanctions from the Federal Government. I’ll work within the system to create a better system. We need a Wall but there is a door. I want to help good people have stability. 
One reason we need a Wall is a large part of Islamic Terrorists apprehended in America come through our Southern Border. We cannot ignore this threat & I make no apologies for being tough on terror. I pledge to look out for you & to try to keep you safe.
I've worked in the Ogden area helping meet the needs of the community for over a decade. I believe that I can make principled & Constitutional decisions. I want to help preserve & amplify our beautiful American system which gives opportunity for all. 
If you trust me enough to help you make the decisions that affect our community I promise to do all I can to see us grow in a way that benefits all.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Congratulations to my opponent & a thank you to a wonderful city for a great campaign season!

I want to congratulate Bart Blair on his win for Ogden City Council. He won a fair race & I’m not unhappy with the results. In the end I’m happy with the entire process & I can’t wait to get out to work harder to earn your trust in Ogden politics.
I ran to learn how to run & to also learn more about my cities needs. I’m grateful for the entire process & I’m glad I got involved. I gained so much.
I’ll be spending the next while on projects that strengthen women in crisis pregn...ancy & improve the mental well being of our citizens.
I’m glad I got to know Ogden better & Ogden me. Running for office has been one of the best experiences of my life & me + my family are better off for getting involved.
Thank you to my wonderful supporters & I’m in awe of you! I hope to hear from & work with all of you in the future for a brighter tomorrow.
Thanks for the great memories, Ogden

Monday, November 6, 2017

Election Day is November 7th!

Tomorrow is Election Day!
It’s been an amazing run & honor to run for Ogden City Council! The community support has been overwhelming. I’ve been so impressed with the good that is Ogden City. We are an amazing community & i’m Proud to be one of you.
I would ask for your consideration as Ogden grows and moves forward. Our community is a jewel we can’t afford to lose. We have a special way of life here that needs protecting. We have good leaders in Ogden but even the best of communities can fall into gentrification & decline.
Taxes are rising, our lives are becoming ever regulated & people don’t feel heard in politics. These are important issues to me & as the vote draws to an end tomorrow I would ask for your support.
Thank you to my amazing supporters for having givin my family an amazing welcome in politics & changing us for the better!
Please get out & vote tomorrow for Mary Khalaf
At-Large Seat B!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Honored to be included in an article by Utah Cycling covering local candidates!

I am so honored to have been included in your article! Thank you for reaching out & for sharing my views. Bicycling is important to Ogden as we are a city that prides itself on it's healthy lifestyle. Thank you for your focus on good living & helping raise the voice of local candidates!
Thanks Turner C. Bitton for the great article!

A Vote No for the Ogden School Bond & a stand with Ogden Education.

  Meeting with the great ladies fighting to save Polk Elementary. The parent who is motivated can do anything. Thanks, Ogden Education, for your vote & support.
If elected to Ogden City Council I’ll work to protect Ogden’s Architectural Heritage which matters to how we grow.
We cannot swap out beautiful architecture for sterile buildings. Architecture effects how a community sees itself & its sustainability....
Ogden bills itself as a wild frontier & to maintain/strengthen tourism we must preserve what we have. Not tear it down.
People come to Ogden for because we are a beautiful place to live with a great Culture of healthy living, preservation & home town values. If we don't work to preserve these values they can be swept away through time & lack of foresight.
Thank you for your consideration & stand with me to preserve Polk Elementary from demolition.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Proud to be Endorsed by Ogden Chicken Alliance.

Let's talk chickens.
A few years ago I wanted to begin owning chickens in my city of Ogden. Chickens have numerous nutritional, emotional & societal benefits. There are nutrients found only in chickens raised in a backyard home rather than a mega farm. Many people in poverty or struggling financially can supplement their income selling eggs. Chickens create societal cohesion & wellbeing. Chickens can even be used in mental health therapy. For many, many reasons I wanted to own chickens.
I soon realized that chicken ownership was illegal in Ogden. Upon research I found out that one of the official reasons given was that chicken ownership would cause an upswing in Latino immigration to the city.
Yes. You read that correct. In a modern city & culture the reasoning given for outlawing chickens was, (Paraphrasing) "Mexicans like chickens & we don't want them coming here". Such flawed racist reasoning shouldn't be part of a cultured city as Ogden.
For me, owning chickens is a Constitutional Right for property owners. It's one of the first issues I took up when I decided to run for Ogden City Council.
The American Dream was founded upon the idea that you can come to America & have ownership over land. It was & is a foreign concept in many parts of the world. It's one of the things that makes America great. You have control over yourself, your food supply & your property. It's a concept we are moving away from more & more. Not having control over your food supply smacks of countries with communist ideologies where you cannot control your domain.
When the Government controls your ability to produce food it controls you.
When I served as County Delegate I asked a candidate for County Commissioner about chicken ownership rights. I was told to go ahead & break city code because she would make sure the city was going to look the other way. That was a seriously problematic answer to me. A person seeking to be a public servant shouldn't be telling me to break the law. They should be listening to constituents & fighting to overturn corrupt or flawed laws.
People invest a lot of money & heart into owning chickens. They should feel secure in their investment. They shouldn't live in fear of having their hard work taken away at the whim of a public official who is looking the other way instead of fixing the problem. They shouldn't live in fear of the Government coming to confiscate their property. It's wrong on every level as an American to live in fear of the Government.
People right now own chickens in Ogden. They live with a fear of being turned in by their neighbors. I don't like that people live in fear & can be victimized by neighbors who threaten to turn them in for exercising what is, to me, a God given Right of controlling your food supply.
Today I met with the Ogden Chicken Alliance & I was very impressed with their bravery to come out of the shadows to stand up for what they believe & a Constitutional Right. That takes a lot of guts. These are the kind of people who make America what it is & they shouldn't live in fear over chickens. It's not right. It's just not.
If I'm elected to Ogden City Council I will honor the bravery of these stalwart individuals who have the guts to stand up for our American Principles. I won't fight chicken ownership rights & do all I can to foster an atmosphere where they're passion can thrive.
In many ways these people are fighting for all of us plus the Constitution & I'll fight for them.

Cultural & Architectural Value relating to Tourism.

Cultural & Architectural Value relating to Tourism. When I ran for Ogden City Council a very important issue was whether or not we pres...