Sunday, August 20, 2017

Honored to have the support of Proper Manors in my bid for Ogden City Council.

I was so honored to hear from Pietro D'Alessio that I have the support, in my campaign for Ogden City Council, of the longest running, largest & most awarded web series in Utah: Proper Manors.
I've been honored to be the on-set wellness adviser to this show that gives so much to the community. Pietro D'Alessio cares about his film crews well being & often provides emotional support services for his crew. Proper Manors is a family & Pietro really tries to be a good poppa bear.
Proper Manors is filmed partly in Ogden.One production filming in Ogden brings untold stimulation from the top parts of the Gov to the street vendor or cupcake maker who must fill an order fast for a hungry film crew. Film brings economic, personal & social good to Utah.
The film industry is a very important part of Ogden City. Film is a very part of Utah's economy, draw as a Cultural Center & appeal to international investors. The Olympics were filmed here due in part to our fine film industry.
I am honored to know Peitro & have the endorsement of his baby that he has nurtured through the years. Thank you for your trust in my leadership abilities as I run for Ogden City Council.
I'll try to make you proud!

Excited to announce that i'm the Official Sponsor of the Utah Music Awards Pre-Party!

I'm excited to announce that I am the Official Sponsor of the Utah Music Awards Pre-Party. I'll be on hand to answer questions about my run for Ogden City Council & the campaign will be providing refreshments. It's an honor to work with Film Buzz & Warren Workman to bring a great party to Utah.
Film, music & entertainment are a major cornerstone of Ogden's economy & we need to incorporate them into our city as we grow. Ogden must be vibrant & make it easier for entertainers to flourish. 
Come on out for one of the best nights of entertainment in Utah for fun, music & even politics.

Do you want to learn about politics while rocking out?

Do you know the funnest night in Utah Music? It's the Utah Music Awards. It's the fun of Hollywood with the cleanliness of Mormons. It's a really fun night to experience music in a family friendly environment. 
Utah is a film & music hub that rivals the film centers of the world. Hollywood sends actors to Utah to learn to speak our dialect, as the speech patterns of Mormons is seen as desirable, which is why everyone on TV/film sounds the same. If you see someone in entertainment who is famous chances are they came though Utah first.
The money brought into Utah by film & music stimulates our economy from the very bottom. Everyone is better off because of our rich film & music scene.
One person, such as Warren Workman, can bring in more revenue, Culture & employment than anyone can fully realize.
Our entertainment culture matters & we must do all we can to foster ease for our music/film industry as Ogden expands into a even larger cultural center.
If you would like to hear how I plan to keep Ogden vital through film & music please come see me at the Utah Music Awards. It's a super fun night & trust me, i'll have cake.

Friday, August 18, 2017

The Death Penalty.

My Contributing piece on the Death Penalty which is going to be featured by a Anti-Death Penalty Activist Group.
My father was a social worker at the Utah State Penitentiary for 20 years. He had an outstanding record & did a lot to improve the lives of inmates at the Prison. He gave the woman's prison an atrium & even kittens because my father really cared about the mental health of the prisoners under his care.
When I was a young girl my father began taking me to the prison because he felt the prisoners needed to be around children, supervised of course, to be emotionally well. I remember going in homemade dresses with matching bows that my mother sewed me. One of my first memories of my father was of him saying, "You can play in front of the prison offices, don't pick the flowers & there is a sniper training a rifle on your head so no sudden movements."
Through the years my dad would come home & talk to me about his job as a social worker. I remember a prisoner who had died but nobody wanted to claim the body & father had to decide what to do with the remains. When a prisoner burned his Book of Mormon because God hadn't broken down the walls after intense prayer. A man being stabbed to death in front of my father & my father having to see the aftermath of a gruesome prison death. My father throughout his life tried to bring Humanity to a cold & dark world which is the prison system many of us never see.
As a small child my father had a soft blue suede vest which went with his best blue suit. It was soft, shiny & I would rub my face on the vest when he was away.
One day on TV I saw a prisoner marched for a preceding that had a connection to his execution. There were men escorting the prisoner & for their protection the media wouldn't show their faces but just their clothing. I could see my fathers blue vest on the TV screen. I never could look at that vest again without remembering that it was one of the last things a condemned man had seen before he died.
My father took me to meet some prisoners before their execution. I remember seeing a man shackled head to toe but a few feet away in my dad's office. I remember thinking that the condemned looked like normal people. Just people worried about the things other people worry about.
My father would tell me that the execution process didn't deter crime & it didn't help. That it was a waste of money that stretched the emotional distress of victims families for years. He even once said that one person only received the Death Penalty, in his opinion, as a stern message to people who engaged in inter-racial relationships because the executed inmate was a black man who dated white women. That the Death Penalty was another form of oppression to frighten communities.
I believe that the money spent on the expensive Death Penalty system would be better spend on offering support & mental health services to those affected by crime. Supporting victims families & mental wellness are always a better use of public funds rather than being used to support a cumbersome, burdensome & inflated Death Penalty system.
I think it's very important to be a life affirming Nation & from cradle to grave we should honor Human Life. Incarcerate the guilty for life, yes, but allow God to decide the fate of those behind bars in His time.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Khalaf House presents, "A Night of Communication".

The Khalaf House would like to invite you out to our free event where we will be giving away the ability to speak Arabic one-on-one with a Arabic Speaking immigrant or refugee. 
We will be teaching a class on Cultural Awareness & giving away Arabic speaking cards to the Ogden Police Department to help them have the tools they need to help a vulnerable community while also making sure they are empowered so they can come home safe at the end of the day.
Please come out & learn more about your neighbors & receive free tools designed to save lives.   
A link to the event is below.

Victory belonged to a Woman.

Thank you Ogden City for advancing me past the Primaries into the General.
I am honored by your trust in me as a leader to help you make the decisions that affect your lives. I want to work hard to make sure your lives are better. That everyone in Ogden prospers. 
Ogden is n Art, Farming, Healing & Health based community.
We are Western mixed with New York.
A city built upon tourism, affordability & lifestyle. 
Ogden is growing & as we move forward into the future we need to recognize the symptoms of gentrification, lower taxes, build a stable tax base, improve business, build for the future & use all of our resources wisely.
We must not be overtaxed, over-regulated & underrepresented. I want to reverse an atmosphere that is stifling to the common businessman & woman. I want business to grow & grow properly.
We need to build our city's inner city infrastructure to maximize revenue from tourism, build to increase profits from sales in our city center & anchor the community to shopping downtown instead of mega centers.
We need walk-able communities with small stores to stimulate small business throughout the community connected by walk able paths to foster our image as a health minded community where business thrives.
In short: Ogden is going to grow & we need to grow right or mega big business will ruin our city.
We have to maintain our small town big city culture, hold back harmful developments that stifle creativity & stop taxing lower income citizens into moving out.
These are just some of my thoughts as we move past the Primary into the Genera for Ogden City Council. I want to represent you & let your voice be heard.
I would ask for your vote this November.
Parting thought. During the Meet the Candidate debate I stated my hero was Judge Deborah of the Bible. A woman Israel would not go to war without unless it was stated, "Victory belonged to a Woman".
Today, "Victory belonged to a woman" & it felt great.
Thank you Ogden for today!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Tomorrow is the last day to vote in Ogden's City Council.

Tomorrow is the last day to vote.
Running for Ogden City Council was one of the most rewarding things I've ever done.
If you have thought about running for office I would say, "Do it. Do it no matter the outcome". You grow as a person in running, you solidify your voice & you experience things you would never have experienced without running.
Our Great American Process is amazing. It was created in a time where people didn't decide who their leaders were. We owe our Founding Fathers a debt of gratitude for enshrining a process where the common man & woman decided for himself/herself who would represent him or her in office.
This election cycle has been amazing for my family. My husband comes from a place where, for most of his life, he couldn't voice a political opinion. My husband is an immigrant who never thought anyone in his family could get involved with politics. For our family my run for office has had so many feelings of liberation, patriotism & pride.
I want to thank Ogden for being so amazing during my run. I've met great people & learned what a grassroots political community we are.
It's been one heck of a run!
I state again, "If you are thinking of running for office: Do it! Just do it".
Remember: get out and vote tomorrow on the final day of voting.

Honored to have the support of Proper Manors in my bid for Ogden City Council.

I was so honored to hear from Pietro D'Alessio that I have the support, in my campaign for Ogden City Council, of the longest running, l...